Host a street play day

Streets are not just for cars! They can be safe places to play and meet your neighbours too – for games, art, sharing food, perhaps seeds, plants or crops. If you don’t know many neighbours, you could connect via facebook groups or 

You can apply for FREE to close your local street to host a street party, community event or enable children to play safely in the street, on a one-off or regular basis (up to once a week). Please note that main roads or those on a bus route cannot be closed.

The ‘playing out’ website has loads of ideas for what to do. You can get a play street pack for free from Southampton Children’s Play Association and also borrow a small pedal or balance bike from the council to teach your child to ride.

Click here for more information from the council on the application process, including a template letter and application form to download. Please note this is different to the school street closures which run in term time.

You can also watch a short youtube clip on stewarding a road closure here or a more detailed Southampton based webinar on play streets and starting a regular street play event here