Explore Southampton's green and blue spaces

Southampton has over 70 areas managed for wildlife, as well as nine greenways and three nature reserves

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There are also 56 open spaces and 8 points of access to the waterfront

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Encourage nature in my house and garden

There are lots of ways to let nature do it's thing, mostly by leaving it alone so it doesn't always mean loads of work!

One simple thing is to consider not mowing your lawn! This can encourage flowers and insects to thrive

If you want some unique advice for your garden for example which plants to plant to encourage wildlife, or where to put a pond etc - for only £10 local ecologist Kevin Bryan runs a green gardening consultancy and can help

Don't have a garden? How about a flat roof? A wall? Visit https://livingroofs.org/ for inspiration on how to green your roofs and walls - or how about a window box? Or a wall garden like the one pictured? We'd love to hear more about your ideas and your journey to encourage nature in the city



Learn how to forage

Visit the urbane forager


and learn tree identification and where to find free food

there's also a Southampton foragers facebook community


Visit an urban farm

We have two wonderful urban farms in Southampton where you can volunteer:

Southampton City Farm is on Green Lane, off Romsey Road and offers a wide range of opportunities to volunteer, as well as an adult learning disability programme, educational visits, community events and birthday parties!

See https://www.southamptoncityfarm.com/

Aldermoor Community Farm has opportunities for volunteering (although quite full at the moment) and is open for visits on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can see how the principles of permaculture are used to grow food and manage the land to nurture its potential. There is also a lovely farm shop where you can get a good range of sustainable local produce, household product refills and local gifts and crafts.

See https://aldermoorfarm.org.uk/

Get active outdoors

Southampton has so many opportunities to get connected to our outdoor spaces that we cannot list them all here, but here are a couple of places to start

1. Plan your active travel route for your regular journeys using https://myjourneysouthampton.com/

2. Follow this link to find out how to Join a walking group

3. Learn to swim safely in the city's open waters http://www.wildswimming.co.uk/

4. Fun, free activities in Southampton's parks https://activenation.org.uk/active-communities/southampton/parklives/

5. Walk to one of the surrounding areas using recommeded routes through the city https://beta.slowways.org/Settlement/Southampton

6. Download a walking app with Southampton routes https://www.gojauntly.com/

Encourage wildflowers

How to make a wildflower seed bomb...5 parts garden clay, 5 parts soil, 1 part wildflower seeds...water as needed...

If there's a patch of space owned by Southampton city council which you think could host wildflowers please log it on this map


You can also email parksvolunteers@southampton.gov.uk if you'd like to start a wildflower patch in a local park or verge as these will need to be mowed and tended differently to grassy patches

Keep an eye on our facebook page for seed bomb making events

Nominate a Friendship Bench

Is there a bench near you you’d like to nominate as a friendship bench? Get in touch via our ‘contact us’ tab. This bench was the first nominated by friends of Peartree Green!

These are benches where people are invited to sit if they are feeling isolated and want some company as indicated by a small wooden plaque


Give or receive a tree sapling

Are you TREEmendous? Have you got a sapling you don't have space for or would you like to plant one in your garden or workplace?

We are giving away native trees such as hazel, oak and willow. As a rough guide, trees are usually planted at around 2m intervals but please take into account the final size of the tree and be aware of buildings, services and other plants to ensure damage will not occur from the roots and canopy as the tree grows.

Here is a step-by-step guide to planting specific trees


We are all volunteers so it helps us if you can collect your sapling and plant it yourself, however, if you aren't able then get in touch anyway and we will be happy to help!


What would your garden or school look like with more trees? Can you find out what colours the leaves would be and how tall it would grow? Send us a photo of your drawings by email and this year's winners will get as many free saplings as they can find the space for

Get in touch with treemendous-soton@protonmail.com to donate or receive a sapling!

Turn concrete into space to grow

A good place to start if you’re looking out of your window thinking why does nothing live here…and a great springboard to get your neighbours involved in making your street happier, healthier and closer to nature


We are teaming up with local traders to reuse old kitchen units for growing plants, anything from herbs to wildflowers to vegetables - baths, sinks and toilets - if you're having a bathroom refit and getting ride of any units please let us know by emailing


We'd also be grateful to hear from anyone with a van who'd be willing to be contacted occasionally about transporting a bath

If you'd like receive a bathroom unit to brighten up your concrete space please log your request here

Share Garden Space

A website for lending your garden space or tending someone else's - get off that long allotment waiting list and get to know your neighbours!

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