Get active outdoors

Southampton has so many opportunities to get connected to our outdoor spaces that we cannot list them all here, but here are a couple of places to start

1. Plan your active travel route for your regular journeys using

2. Follow this link to find out how to Join a walking group

3. Learn to swim safely in the city's open waters

4. Fun, free activities in Southampton's parks

Make seed bombs

How to make a wildflower seed bomb...5 parts garden clay, 5 parts soil, 1 part wildflower seeds...water as needed...dry it and throw it in a patch of grass near you..

Keep an eye on our facebook page for seed bomb making events

Get toxic weedkiller banned from Southampton

Please sign this petitionn to ban the use of glyphosate weedkiller in Southampton. Glyphosate is toxic to bees and humans - more details can be found in the petition text. You will need to register with to sign but it's quick and easy


Nominate a Friendship Bench

Is there a bench near you you’d like to nominate as a friendship bench? Get in touch via our ‘contact us’ tab. This bench was the first nominated by friends of Peartree Green!

These are benches where people are invited to sit if they are feeling isolated and want some company as indicated by a small wooden plaque


Rewild my street

A good place to start if you’re looking out of your window thinking why does nothing live here…and a great springboard to get your neighbours involved in making your street happier, healthier and closer to nature  

Share Garden Space

A website for lending your garden space or tending someone else's - get off that long allotment waiting list and get to know your neighbours!

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