Give or receive a tree sapling

Are you TREEmendous? Have you got a sapling you don’t have space for or would you like to plant one in your garden or workplace?

Here are the type of trees we can supply; Field Maple, Ash, Hazel, Willow, Grey Alder, Hornbeam, Sweet Chestnut, Hawthorn, Beech, Sea Buckthorn, Privet, Crab Apple, White Poplar, Lombardy Poplar, Blackthorn, Sloe, Oak, Dog Rose, Weeping Willow, Elderberry, Rowan, Wayfaring Tree, Guelder Rose

As a rough guide, trees are usually planted at around 2m intervals but please take into account the final size of the tree and be aware of buildings, services and other plants to ensure damage will not occur from the roots and canopy as the tree grows.

Here is a step-by-step guide to planting specific trees

We are all volunteers so it helps us if you can collect your sapling and plant it yourself, however, if you aren’t able then get in touch anyway and we will be happy to help!


What would your garden or school look like with more trees? Can you find out what colours the leaves would be and how tall it would grow? Send us a photo of your drawings by email and this year’s winners will get as many free saplings as they can find the space for

Get in touch with to donate or receive a sapling!